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The Aim of this seminars is to facilitate the opportunity to share the legacy that great spiritual Masters like Mr. Gurdjieff and J.G.Bennett have left us for the enrichment of our being.

Although The Work with Movements plays a central part in the course of these retreats it is not our intention that it  be interpreted as the only means for transformation.

  1. On going weekend activities

  2. July 4th-11th. Intensive with José Reyes

Past seminars in Spain with Jose Reyes:

  1. July 2008, in El Cielo de la Vera

  2. November 2008, in San Martín de Valdeiglesias

  3. July 2009 in Torronteras

  4. July 12-19 2009 en Torronteras

  5. November 2009 en El Escorial

  6. July 10-18 2010 en Torronteras

  7. Septembre 2010 en Madrid. Taller Introductorio.

  8. October 28-1 nov. Gurdjieff Aniversary

  9. Easter 2011, Kybriya.

  10. July 2011, Torronteras.

  11. July 2012-2013 Torronteras